Blog Audience

Blog Audience


Designing Your Blog

While everyone says, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, the cover is essentially the most important part of the book because in seconds the reader decides whether or not to even pick up the book according to its cover. The same theory refers to blogging as well. A blog who’s design is busy, unorganized, and un-reflective to the theme of the blog is unlikely to retrive a lot of viewership. Here are some technically tools to help you design your blog: 

Choosing a theme is the first part in designing your blog. Many blogging sites have pre-made themes to choose from, some which are free and some which cost money. If none of these themes reflect your vision, you also have the option of custom designing a theme for your blog. The theme you choose decides the layout of the entire blog including the font, post layout, picture layout, and any other designs embedded in this theme. However every blog usually includes a right column containing navigational and indexing tools such as latest posts, archives, search, tages, blog roll, etc. These sections are called widgets. 

The Technicals of Posting

For those of you who do not understand anything about blogs, here is some technical information on how to post: 

A post can include anything from text, to pictures, videos, audio, and links. To organize your visual posts you can create picture and video galleries. All posts are entered chronologically starting with the latest post written. There should also be an archives widget on the right column that helps you find previous posts according to what month you’ve written the post in. 

If you love to blog, you can get the mobile app that allows you to post from anywhere. 

Each post that is written allows readers to comment or like the post. This helps the author understand the number of their readers and how to attract a larger audience. Blogs usually include a “link bait” for each post which are short cuts that allow readers to add the posts to their bookmarking services and recommend it to new and blog aggregators. 

Posts vs. Pages: Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page. Pages are static and are not listed by date. They do not use tages or categories and are usually displayed on the side bar. An example would be an About Page which tells the reader about the author. 

How To Make Your Content Successful

If you succeed in getting the reader to click on your page and accept your format, the next step is selling the reader with your content. Here are a few key tips on how to do so: 

Being transparent about your beliefs and your identity will get you far. This lets the reader really understand who you are as a person and it also makes the text a little more interesting. 

Be original and be honest. Honesty will get you far, even if people don’t like to hear it. which brings me to my third point: 

Don’t be afraid of a little controversy. People think controversy is interesting, and the more controversy there is the more likely it is for your blog to gain a lot of viewership. However, this does not mean that you go looking for controversy at any chance you get. Remember the tips above, be true to yourself and your beliefs. One of the most interesting things about humans is the fact that we all have different views about everything, and fortunately in America we are able to express these views openly. A blog becomes less interesting when the author changes his beliefs just to stir up controversy. 

Finally, if your blog resembles anything of a press release then people will tune it out. People are more interested in hearing your opinions rather than announcements. Blogs were meant to share your views with as many people as possible and if you are not doing that then your audience numbers will begin to decrease. 

How To Market Your Blog

Blogs grow in popularity according to how many people read, link to, and subscribe to them. One of the best ways to publicize your blog is to automatically share your work on different social networks. Every time you post in your blog an update will follow on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks you’re involved in. This allows you to see how many people view your blog according to the likes, comments, and shares on Facebooks, and the re-tweets and favorites on Twitter. This also helps you learn more about your readers, who they are, what kinds of people enjoy your blog, and from this you can try different techniques that appeal to this audience. 

An important component of blogs is not overselling them. By overselling your blog you come across as arrogant and annoying which will lower your viewership. Instead, teach your audience about different posts of your blog while posting information of other blogs and articles that will be beneficial to your readers. 

Finally, long-tail keywords will get you found. In the article, “Marketing Your Blog: 10 Essential Tips You Should Know” by Edward Khoo, he uses the example instead of using the word “books” as a primary keyword, use a keyword like “independent book reviews”. This allows the readers to search for more specific keywords that nobody else uses. 

Blog Costs

  1. If you’re just on the internet to blog for the sake of blogging, use a free blog site like:



However more people are turning to the internet to make a blog income. It is more than choosing different layouts, header banners, or sidebars. A blog now-a-days can be a way to reinvent oneself. A blog can be a person’s new adventure. A blog can even simply be an addition to one’s lifestyle.

The 4 Main Reasons to Stay Clear of Free Blogging Software

  • Advertisements: free blogs are unable to make an income off of ads on your site
  • Customization: free blogs have limited options, one can’t make their blog standout
  • Technical Knowledge: free blogs require one to have more technical knowledge
  • Plugins: free blogs limit the number of plugins or ‘add-ons’ which can limit ones blog design and appeal

Let’s Take Money: The Cost of a Blog

Purchase Item

Monthly Cost

Yearly Cost

Repeating/One time

Domain Name & Hosting

Around $5



Premium Theme

$50 – 100

One Time

Header Banner

$30 – 1000

One Time


$200 the 1st year


$60 the 2nd year

For more information:

Keep in Mind:

  1. Before Getting Started Blogging One Should Know!
  • Don’t expect to make money overnight – one needs to put in the time and hard work
  • It is lonely starting a blog – stay confident and believe in oneself
  • “Content is King” but not the only thing to worry about – one needs to be well prepared with a solid marketing strategy
  • Be aware of the start-up costs – ones time is the opportunity to be making money else where
  • Do not underestimate the difficulty – one needs to stay on top of many aspects

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