Well…..what is it?

So, I finally decided to make one of those things people have been ranting about – a blog. I’ve gotten a few questions from family and friends of what a blog really is, so let me briefly explain. The word “blog” is shortened of the word “weblog”. Kind of like two words put together; web and log. The web aspect comes from the simple fact that blogs are typically (95% or more) on the internet or the web. The log part comes from “logging” or posting news, ideas, or opinions as if it were your journal. Blogs are usually written in an informal manner, too. The newest entries are typically at the top of the page and older entries are lower on the page. Blogs are often interactive. Visitors can leave friendly (or not so friendly) feedback by commenting on your posts; thus giving you an opportunity to build a conversation and trust with the visitors. This is especially important with blog marketing and businesses. Any questions, comment below 🙂

Blog Marketing???????

So after explaining what a blog is, you should have some sort of idea of what Blog Marketing is. @Johnny123 commented on the previous post… “Can you explain what Marketing on the Blog is?” Sure @Johnny123 🙂

Blog marketing is any process that publicizes or advertises a website, business, brand or service via the medium of blogs.

According to AccuraCast Digital Marketing Agency, “this may include, but not limited to, ads placed on blogs, recommendations and reviews by the blogger, promotion via entries on third party blogs and cross-syndication of information across multiple blogs.”

By the way, a friend works for the company and offered to share that excerpt from their most recent newsletter. Any more questions, keep em’ coming!

How To Blog

Many people know what a blog is, but unless you are a consistant blogger you may have difficulty knowing how to work one. If you want your blog to be read every little decision makes a difference, such as the design of the blog, the content, the frequency of each post, the likes and comments of your readers, etc. The following posts include tips and tricks on how to become a successful blogger. 

Preparing Your Blog

Before you start blogging it is important to understand what the content will be based on. Blog’s are usually specific to their subject matter and appear more interesting to readers when the content is based on one theme

According to Robert McGarvey, writer for Executive Travel Magazine, the blogs that are most successful demonstrate the true thinking beliefs and personality of the author. By doing so, your blog begins to form a personality of its own while simultaneously catching the readers attention. 

Authenticity is key when it comes to blogging. As of April, 7 2013 there were over 12 million blogs in existence on each blog site and that number is constantly growing. What is it that makes your blog stand out from the rest? 

Finally, before you begin to blog you must target a specific audience. By understanding who your audience is you strive to attract that audience with every post you make which will eventually increase your blog’s recognition. 

Number of Blogs as of 2013

  • Tumblr.com shows it has over 101.7 Million blogs with 44.6 Billion blog posts
  • WordPress.com has over 63 Million blogs
  • Livejournal reports to have 62.6 million blogs with
  • Weebly states it has over 12 million blogs
  • Blogster has over 582,754 blogs